Does the look and feel of your email messaging effect the campaign results? You may have wondered whether an ordinary-looking email would get better results than a designed one, or vice versa. We already knew that adding personalization would increase responses. But would people view a simple text email as more personable? Or would the color and design of a newsletter-type email help it stand out in crowded inboxes?

We divided our list in half, sending out a total of 1200 emails. We sent them out at the same time, with the same subject line and the same content—the only difference was the design of the email itself.

Designed email

Plain email

The results? We had more than twice as many people respond to the designed email, and 200% more forwarded it to a friend compared to the plain version.


Overall, click-throughs from the eblast were responsible for a 387% increase in traffic to our site.

AuthorPeak Biety
CategoriesOur insights