by Amy Phillips

The American Advertising Federation (AAF) welcomed Sally Hogshead, author of Fascinate and Radical Careering, as a guest speaker at the 2010 AAF Fourth District Annual Conference in Tampa on April 30th, 2010. As members of AAF Tampa Bay, we attended. The presentation and workshop following explored the subject of “fascination” and how it pertains to advertising messages that persuade and captivate.

Sally’s new book, Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation delves into how fascination works in the battle for consumer attention. According to her theory, the seven triggers to fascinate are: power, lust, mystique, prestige, alarm, vice and trust. The book describes these triggers and how they can be activated for a desired response. The author’s thesis is that many of the choices consumers make are not choices at all. She writes, “Our best friends and favorite foods, our pets and pet peeves, all are contingent upon the seven triggers.” She proposes, “We’re in control far less than we fancy ourselves to be, because our behavior is being pulled by seven unseen strings.”

Although an awful lot has been written on the psychology of marketing and related subjects—Seth Godin's Linchpin, the Heath brothers Made to Stick, as well as several by Malcolm Gladwell to name a few good ones—Sally’s personable, humorous approach and disarming openness stands out. In an industry dominated by men, it’s great to see a woman making her mark as a leader in the field.

Overall, the new book, Fascinate, gives a fresh perspective to the traditional AIDA formula by examining how attention, interest and desire take hold in today’s sensory overload of cluttered advertising messages. What she presents is really an in-depth extension of long-held and practiced beliefs about effective messaging. Connect with people in real, emotional and personal ways, and you will win them over (i.e. fascinate them).

Speaker and author, Sally Hogshead is a brand innovation consultant having worked with clients that include Nike, MINI Cooper, Aflac, Cole Haan, Target, Coca-Cola and Godiva. Her accomplishments and insights have been profiled by The New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS and MSNBC. She’s been described by the press as “intrepid” and an “advertising mastermind.” A sought-after speaker, Sally leads keynotes for companies such as Starbucks and Microsoft, as well as innovation sessions around the world. She spent 2006 touring the country as a motivational speaker for CareerBuilder.com.

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