As ad professionals with both client side and longtime agency experience, we’ve often wondered about the lack of pretesting done on ad campaigns. Doesn’t it make sense to gauge the perceived value of advertising among its intended audience before final production and media money is spent?

As the size of the advertising budget grows, the stakes get higher. Without pretesting, you may never discover potential messaging flaws. You could easily spend good money failing to get the audience’s attention. Or even worse, you could succeed in getting attention only to create the wrong perception. Either way, a loss of awareness and sales will likely result.

The Sean Cummins viewpoint as published in Ad Age 6/19/15 is another wake-up call for all of us in ADVERTISING.  All the buzz words thrown about in our business tend to obfuscate the fact that advertising is indeed about getting someone to do something. And creating effective advertising, requires a rigorous process and experience—perhaps not available with simply “branded content” providers. We’re proud to be a 4A’s advertising agency.

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This March, PeakBiety branding + advertising proudly celebrated its 25th year in business. But more important than what this milestone means to us, is what it means to the clients we serve. In an industry where some ad agencies barely outlast the campaigns they create, our longevity gives our clients the assurance of a successful track record.

What’s best for your business? If you consider yourself a small or medium-size advertiser, the strategic choice may be particularly tough. So let’s see…if you want what are termed the “best-in-class specialists” for today’s more complex marketing world, you’ll likely want to consider all or several of the following kinds of firms...

Clients and ad agencies alike long for greater trust in their relationships. And for some very good reasons. Most all marketing and ad agency execs believe that the best work results when clients trust their agency, the agency collaborates well and both parties work at sustaining a lasting relationship. So why doesn’t this happen more often?